Thursday, November 17, 2016

Metabunk's Tricky Mick West Busted: Metabunk Mick West Exposed

Metabunk's Tricky Mick West Busted: Metabunk Mick West Exposed: Metabunk Mick West caught lying about UFO's       Anyone who has spent time viewing conspiracy theories in forums, has likely c...

Metabunk Mick West Exposed

Metabunk Mick West caught lying about UFO's

     Anyone who has spent time viewing conspiracy theories in forums, has likely came to the conclusion that there are pro government employees or "shills" who attempt to debunk all conspiracy theories. These "debunkers" are usually well educated in philosophy and psychology. Debunker's will always ask for "evidence" supporting the conspiracy theory. Evidence is a debunker or shills favorite word. Debunkers demand evidence for any claim or speculation supporting a conspiracy theory, while they usually present little to no evidence to support their arguments. Debunker's know very well that no matter what the evidence, it can be argued because all evidence is subjective. All evidence requires subjective interpretation. 

     Two of the most popular conspiracy theories on the Internet are UFO's and Chemtrails. Mick West has spent thousands of hours viewing and recording video in order to argue or "debunk" what is claimed in a video, if the claims may lead to conspiracy speculation. These debunker shills like Mick West have no reserve over claiming any conspiracy as bunk, they will even claim that Oswald was the lone shooter of JFK! Mick West if that is even his real name, has created a mass amount of Internet content geared against conspiracy theories. West's most popular websites are called and
West is also very active on a site called "", he may very well own that site as well. I was actually banned from ATS for criticism of Mick West, because I caught him in an obvious lie. These shill controlled forums allow criticism of anyone except for themselves. They will quickly attack, delete posts, and ban anyone who criticizes them. 

     I was on the shill site metabunk when I viewed a video posted by Tricky Mick. The discussion can be seen here
I noticed very obvious orb type ufo's in Mick's video. There are ufo's commonly seen around chemtrails, what Mick refers to as ordinary engine condensation, or contrails. Search youtube video's for "Chemtrail UFO" and you will see that many different people have caught these orb type ufo's in their video's, including myself. 
Anyone such as Mick or myself that has hundreds of hours recording the sky and analyzing video know very well that the ufo's are not birds or insects. 

Below is one of the best videos in existence that show proof of one of the ufo's interacting with chemtrails. 

     The ufo's speed alone proves they are not bugs close to the camera as Mick tries to claim and debunk. Tricky Mick attempts to claim the ufo's in question are simply out of focus bugs passing close to the lens. If I am correct, Mick uses a Nikon p900 camera to record chemtrails, it's not a cheap camera. Mick knows very well that a bug passing close to the camera doesn't compare with the ufo's speed. A bug close to the camera appears extremely fast and is usually out of frame in a second or less. I pulled the video because there is a bird and a bug in the frame which we will use for a speed comparison. The close bug appears in frame and fly's out of frame at :06. 

     Compare the flying insect speed with the speed of the ufo's in Mick's video seen below. The ufo's appear at 1:39 and remain in frame through 1:41. It is simple to any experienced and trained observer that the objects aren't bugs and they are quite a distance away from the camera. 

I recorded the below video and caught several orb type ufo's flying through similar to the ones that appear in Mick's and others videos. I recorded the video in slow motion, the ufo's appear at 2:18 and 2:21. The ufo at 2:21 seems to pop into existence out of no where. 

     These ufo's are extremely fast and often aren't visible without a camera to slow down their appearance. The ones that are caught moving slow on video have no similarities to bugs or birds flying. Tricky Mick's silly lies attempting to debunk ufo's and chemtrails are solid evidence of their existence. To test my theory out, go to a shill controlled forum and challenge them to see how quickly you are attacked and probably banned. The word "chemtrail" is shill bait. Just the mention of the word will have them flocking to debunk your character and claims. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.